VA Aid and Attendance Benefit Assessment Grant

The Veterans Administration offers the Aid and Attendance pension benefit to qualifying veterans and their spouses. While SHORE does not directly assist with Aid and Attendance applications, we partner with third-party organizations such as and Patriot Angels. These organizations specialize in guiding veterans through the application process, ensuring they receive the benefit and support they need.

Our Partners

Offers a user-friendly software platform that provides step-by-step guidance.


Patriot Angels

Provides personalized guidance throughout the application process.


" I am grateful for the assistance of SHORE. I hope other veterans are able to have the same experience that I have had. Thank you. "

Benefit Assessment Grantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Does SHORE directly help seniors apply for Aid and Attendance?

While SHORE does not directly assist in the application process for Aid and Attendance benefits, we have a trusted partnership with and Patriot Angels. They specialize in guiding seniors through the application process, ensuring they receive the support they need.

How do I apply for the Benefit Assessment Grant?

When you choose one of our partners, such as or Patriot Angels, they will apply for the grant on your behalf. Start the process by selecting one of our trusted partners above.

What are the eligibility requirements?
  • Applicants must be seniors (age 65 or above) or spouses of veterans

  • Must already have selected a senior living or independent living community and acquired a move-in date or already reside in a community

  • Must possess under $155,356 in liquid assets